Las Palmas

  • Outrageously comfortable chair.
  • Suits tailored or Dressmaker's skirt detail.

Recommended configuration ONE:

  • Ball fibre back cushion
  • Feather down lumbar
  • Luxura foam seat cushion
  • Topstitching detail
  • Fixed base with stained wooden feet.

Recommended configuration TWO:

  • Feather down back cushion
  • Feather down lumbar
  • Feather wrap seat cushion
  • Topstitching detail
  • Dressmakers' skirt.


  • For outrageously indulgent comfort, use feather down back cushions and feather wrap seat cushions.
  • Makes up nicely with a fixed base and wooden feet.
  • Can be made with square Los Altos style arms.

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