Fortuny's 2016 collection, Micromondo, with 112 SKUs in 10 patterns and up to 20 colour ways, is a collection that presents a refreshed interpretation and modernised adaptation of Fortuny's distinguished prints, in addition to new velvets, wools, linens and sheers.

While continuing the legacy of a refined colour palette and bespoke Italian textiles, the Micromondo collection offers versatility and timeless elegance.  Composed of the highest quality fibres including wool, cashmere, linen and cotton, the collection features solid and textured abstract minimalist motifs, skillfully designed to create the quintessential depth of the house's fabrics.  Drawing inspiration from the unique landscape and lifestyle in the Venetian lagoon, the collection incorporates textures and light into the fabric, allowing users to continually discover new worlds beneath the exquisite appearance.

The prints in this collection reinterpret three classic Fortuny designs in an entirely new way.  At first glance, Micro-Barberini, Micro-Rabat and Micro-Campanelle seem like modern, geometric, small scale patterns, but step back and a large scale Fortuny design magically reveals a casual elegant vibe.  The misty haze that covers Venice in a mysterious and romantic aura inspires the sheer wool Foschia line.  The Barena line is reminiscent of the lagoon's salt marsh; its rich texture and multi-dimensional colours in reaction to light help the line pair well with a wealth of patterned fabrics.  With a wide range of rub counts, colours and widths, the Micromondo collection opens the doors to ever more versatile applications in interior design while preserving an overall luxurious feeling.

The Micromondo collection pays tribute to Mariano Fortuny's painterly approach to fabrics and plays with the idea of a world within another world.  Fortuny stays true to its commitment to the highest quality materials and a refined taste in colour.  While every fabric in the Micromondo collection renders a harmonious compliment to Fortuny's existing fabrics, they each shine on their own.

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