Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boutique furniture designers blend traditional and modern

The recent International Contemporary Furniture Fair I attended in New York showcased a wide range of large scale international suppliers, alongside many colourful and talented boutique designers and craftspeople. What particularly inspired me about several of the boutique group was not only their fresh design thinking but the way that they were passionately using “old skills” to bring their designs to life.

Furniture designers the world over are challenged by the limited number of youthful craftspeople learning the "old skills" of upholstery and cabinetmaking. The challenge for us as furniture designers is to inspire our youth to want to learn these skills and apply them to crafting beautiful furniture.


At Designers' Collection, we are in a situation where the bulk of our craftspeople are in their late forties or older. While there are a handful of younger ones coming through, it is a struggle to attract new talent to the industry with hot competition from computer based career paths and core trades like electrical and construction.


In addition to The Future Perfect Company there were a number of passionate (mainly Brooklyn based) artisans producing beautifully crafted furniture and lighting using mainly traditional methodology and in some cases cleverly blending traditional and modern materials.


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