Thursday, July 30, 2015


Do you take time out to celebrate your successes? Pat yourself on the back, shout yourself a muffin or sing from the roof tops? You should!

As New Zealanders we're not great at taking the time to celebrate our successes before we move on to the next thing.

I recently read an article by Richie McCaw (don't yawn ladies) that I thought was very pertinent to our industry.

McCaw said (and I quote) the satisfaction for players was in delivering on the detail, but he said that New Zealanders in general struggled to revel in success.

"It's one of the things I don't think we do very well as All Blacks, as Kiwis as a whole. We move on to the next thing quickly and don't want to get carried away," he said.

"And (the reaction) is determined by what the result was. We try to do it as a team and individuals in that moment after a game...take a moment to say I did a good job that weekend, I played well, walk around with a smile on the face without getting carried away.  If you just keep moving on all the time, it gets to a point where you stop enjoying it. You need to reflect with family and friends after the game, and not think about next week too much...that's how we try to do it."


With this fresh in my mind I stopped myself deleting this wonderful email we got last month from a client.  Instead I shared it with my team and the broader DC team and am now sharing it with you.

"Thanks so much for my very special new dining table - it looks amazing - not only is it physically heavy, but it has a very strong presence - so, of course I am busy "tweaking" what is around it now - but I always knew I would have to do that. I will just take time to make a good decision there. It is a beautifully crafted piece of furniture, so please also thank all those who were involved in its creation.  I have coveted an oak table with an iron base for many years now & have had to wait for the right time, as well as finding someone to make it for me."


We should all take great pleasure in the impact that we have on our people's lives.  So take Richie's advice and celebrate your wins and skite a bit more - especially when talking to potential clients.  Tell them about how previous clients have raved or awards you have won.  We know much of your business is built from referrals and building your 'cred' certainly helps with this.

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