Monday, July 17, 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright revisited

For the first time since their 1955 collaboration, Schumacher have re-released the innovative textile collection they created with the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Featuring original designs and new patterns and sheers, they are sure to inspire.

Design 103

One of the 1955 originals - Design 103 in Yellow and Grey.

Design 513

Design 513 in Charcoal and Design 706 in Carbon.

Design 706


Design 105 Design 107 Euchtman St. Marks Print

True Blues - Design 105 in Blues, Design 107 in Indigo, Euchtman in Indigo & St. Marks Print in Blue.


Frances Little Sheer

Soft coordinates - Francis Little Sheer in Grey and Design 501 in Sandstone

Design 501


Design 101 round crop

The striking Design 101 in Blues, Neutral and Grey & Yellow - featured here with our Java coffee table.

Price House Print crop
The Price House Print in Grey, Sand & Blue - perfectly paired with the contemporary Rio sofa.

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