Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Gaston y Daniela has just released their aptly titled Madrid collection. Like the city itself, this collection is a vibrant blend of colour & pattern designed to stimulate every Interior Designers' desire to create bold & beautiful interiors.

This 2015 collection, Madrid, reflects current trends in decoration and leads the way to decorative melange and blend of textures, designs and colours, rather than imposing strict guidelines on home fashion.


A majestic Toile de Jouy of European origin is teamed with oriental ikat-shaped geometrics and botanical specimen rendering together with small shapes on upholstery with geometric and African motifs.


Similarly, rich qualities with a silky appearance are combined with linen and cotton-based fabrics.


Focusing on the blend of features, this eclectic collection contains a broad range of designs, keeping the colour as a guiding theme that delivers new designs and textures, thus enriching the extensive Gaston y Daniela range.


This daring approach offers endless opportunities combining printed fabrics with a timeless feel with a wide and versatile range of plain textured weaves.

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