Monday, July 6, 2009

NZ well up to speed

I’m always interested to hear the latest download of hot trends out of the northern hemisphere trade fairs in the hope that there will be much that is fresh and inspiring. Outside of the high creative concepts of selected design graduates exhibiting in the Satellite marquee at the Milan Fair, many of the key trends have been apparent here for some time.

The hard lines of upholstered furniture continue to soften as international designers regain their appreciation of the difference between home and gallery and that visual asthetics have to be blended with functional comfort and longevity to support the way we live.

Tufting as an embellishment detail is still on a roll.  We saw this emerging two years ago and it still has significant appeal for many of the clients we see in our showroom.  The Lacoste sofa and sectional with its distinctive dimpled arms and back is a statement piece in any setting.  The Tribeca sofa, Aztec chair and various bedheads we've commissioned for clients all have a wow factor featuring tufting detail.

Colour is always up for debate.  Emerging from the economic gloom of the global recession are "green shoots" (I can visualise you rolling your eyes already) of desire to use brave colours and patterns to brighten up people's homes and attitudes.  Much of the furniture we tailor-make for our customers is relatively conservative in terms of colour and pattern but settings are being enhanced with decorative cushions or 'hero' pieces of furniture.

The trend towards greater sustainability certainly has momentum.  Many confuse this purely with "green" materials and processes.  That is certainly a key part of the mix.  The other key dimension is the move away from "short life" or disposable items.  We have always focused on designing and crafting furniture that has enduring style and is made to last - furniture for life!  We find it very gratifying to hear that our furniture is coming back for re-covering after 15 years or that clients have re-covered Designers' Collection furniture multiple times and that it still has pride of place in the hub of their homes.

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