Monday, May 22, 2017

Gems from Schumacher

Selecting Schumacher fabric is like trying to choose your favourite lollies from the pick-n-mix. There are so many enticing options from rich embroideries, gorgeous bright prints and colours for every palette.

Here're some new additions to pop in your goodie bag...


Idris embroidery in red multi, black and ivory, navy multi and blues.


Striking prints include Tree river in Blush, Pearl River in Blues, Magical menagerie in Yellow and Belvedere in Lilac.


Monochrome prints Ashberg and Bricolette in three colourways.


Moncorvo, Jack stripe, Ludo, Emile and Zipster.

queen of spain

Fabulous living room featuring chairs in print Darya Ikat with throw cushions in Queen of Spain.

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