Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sofabeds that provide style, comfort and design

With increasing numbers of (I hate this term) baby boomers downsizing from the family home and apartment living the way of the future in our most populous urban centres, sofabeds are increasingly in demand.

I've often felt that sofabeds are a dual compromise. You compromise on the comfort of the bed and sofa. We have used what we believe to be the best sofa bed mechanism available for a number of years. This includes a slat bed base and a 100mm inner-sprung mattress.

I looked for a better version in New York but found nothing that performed better without requiring substantial changes to the integrity of the sofa design. Hence my focus has been on delivering an asthetically pleasing and comfortable sofa first (as it will be used as a sofa significantly more often than a bed) that also offers a comfortable night's sleep.


Our most popular sofa bed is the Amari. We make this enduring sofa design into a sofabed with minimal change to the original frame design.

The generous pitch in the seat and the rake in the back is preserved. With memory foam seat cushions placed on top of the bed mechanism you still have a very comfortable sofa.

I recently designed and made a sectional Amari sofabed for a Parnell apartment - not something I've seen at any of the Furniture Fairs - the interior designer and clients were delighted.


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