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Designers' Collection designs and tailor makes furniture for practising professional Interior Designers and Architects. To purchase furniture from Designers' Collection you need to open a trade account. If you do not have a trade account with us, please email info@designerscollection.co.nz for an account application form.

All furniture remains the property of Designers' Collection until the relevant account is paid. Designers' Collection retains the right to reclaim goods should the terms stated not be metTERMS OF SUPPLY - FURNITURE


All furniture remains the property of Designers' Collection until the relevant account is paid. Designers' Collection retains the right to reclaim goods should the terms stated not be met.

Furniture guarantees

Designers' Collection furniture is made to order by highly skilled crafts people. Designer's Collection check every order to ensure that it complies with our high quality standards.

⦁ We offer a 10 year frame guarantee against manufacturing defect. This does not cover fair wear and tear but protects against manufacturing flaws.

⦁ The guarantees offered on soft furnishing fills vary depending on the manufacturer's warranty.

⦁ Guarantees on imported products are for the period specified in the manufacturer's warranty.


⦁ Designers' Collection quotes are valid for 60 days.

⦁ Prices specified on the Designers' Collection website are subject to change without notice.

⦁ The prices quoted on the Designers' Collection website are for the standard or recommended configuration of our designs and do not cover Special amendments to these designs.


⦁ Upon agreement of the quotation, customers will be sent an Order Confirmation.

⦁ The Designers' Collection Order Confirmation specifies the detail of the furniture that will be manufactured. Please read your order confirmation carefully.

⦁ Your Order Confirmation is your Deposit Invoice. Payment of your deposit is confirmation that you have checked and agree to the product specification detailed on Order Confirmation.


An order is deemed final on payment of deposit. Any changes, cancellations or returns are entirely at Designers' Collection discretion and will depend on the stage the order is at.


Designers' Collection organises delivery of your clients' furniture as part of its service. We take great care to contract carriers that make every endeavour to deliver your clients' furniture in perfect condition. All freight is payable by the purchaser.

It is important that you advise your client of the following (if you are not on-site at delivery):

⦁ Get your clients to check their furniture on arrival.

⦁ If there is any damage, note this on the Furniture Carrier's delivery docket.

⦁ Call Designers' Collection as soon as possible so that we can agree the most appropriate course of action.

⦁ Every attempt will be made to limit any inconvenience to your client and repair the item to its original condition.

Transit insurance cover

Whilst we endeavour to contract trustworthy carriers on your behalf, we cannot guarantee against freight damage. Under New Zealand law carriers are only required to have $1,500 insurance cover for any single delivery. As this is insufficient cover for many deliveries, we offer as part of our service additional cover up to $150,000 for any single shipment.

Furniture Variations

As Designers' Collection furniture is hand-made to order, variations will occur. While we aim to deliver consistent dimensions, cushion fills, stain colours and other aspects of our product, a natural consequence of our hand-made to order approach is that variations will occur. We actively manage these to an acceptable tolerance.

It is important to note that fabrics specified can have a material effect on the firmness or softness of seat and back cushions.

Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture is not designed for exposure to above ambient heat. Placing it in direct sunlight or near heating, air conditioning etc. can result in cracking. Repairs resulting from exposure to these elements will be the customer's cost.

Furniture Care

Great skill and passion has been applied to deliver your clients high quality furniture that with the right care, will give them many years of enjoyment.

Please encourage your clients to read the care instructions on our website to get the best longevity from their furniture.



Designers' Collection, in partnership with D+F Limited (formerly Decortex e Famiglia) represent fabrics and wallpaper from quality international editors including Aldeco, Decortex Firenze, Fortuny, F Schumacher, Antoine d'Albiousse, Edmond Petit, Equipo DRT, Jason D'Souza, Les Creations, Gaston y Daniela, La Madrid, Lewis & Wood and Sandberg.

These products are supplied on the following basis:

Fabric characteristics differ from fibre to fibre, and many have inherent qualities that are natural and to be expected, therefore not deemed to be flaws.

⦁ Linen, jute, hemp and silk typically have slubs and knots; Velvet is prone to shading and pile shift; Handwoven, hand-dyed and/or hand-printed fabrics have subtle irregularities intrinsic to their production.  The aforementioned qualities are all part of the natural beauty of each fabric and no claims will be accepted in this regard.

⦁ Fabrics made with chenille yarn will typically 'walk', causing bagging on seat squabs or the like. This is the nature of the yarn itself and as such no liability will be accepted.

Our fabrics are produced to exacting light fastness standards, but no fabric is completely fadeless.  We make no warranties in this regard.

Some fabrics, including velvets, are susceptible to creasing and must be stored very carefully.  If fabrics are delivered creased, this should be notified to us in the same way and timeframe as damage.  We are not responsible for creasing which occurs after delivery

All fabrics are prone to shrinkage, the exact percentage varying between different fibres and weaves.  Residual shrinkage can generally be expected up to 5%.

Variations in width and pattern repeat are to be expected - particularly in hand-woven or hand-printed fabrics - and a tolerance of up to 10% is completely normal and should be allowed for in calculations.

While every effort is made to achieve colour-matching, we cannot guarantee exact matching between batches. We make no warranties in this regard and recommend CFA's (cutting for approval) if a particular colour match is needed.

Cutting approval is required on all Fortuny print orders prior to shipping, and no claims will be accepted for colour variation where a CFA is waived.

No additional treatment - for example fire-retardant or stain repellent - applied to our fabrics on the clients own initiative can be guaranteed, and no liability will be accepted for any change in appearance, performance or defects in our fabrics in this regard.

Please check for cleaning instructions. We recommend professional cleaning for all of our fabrics, and do not recommend spot cleaning.

An order is deemed final on acceptance, and any changes, cancellations or returns due to change-of-mind, are entirely at the discretion of Designers' Collection. On the occasion that Designers' Collection agrees to such, the client will be liable for a re-stocking fee, and reimbursement of any and all carriage costs involved in the order.

Please inspect goods carefully upon delivery.  In the event that they are damaged or defective, please notify us within 48 hours of delivery, and do not cut the goods. No claims will be accepted after this time, or if goods have been cut. If goods are damaged in transit, please sign for them as such and notify us immediately.

Fabrics are covered under the fabric manufacturers guarantee not by Designers' Collection.

Regrettably under no circumstances what so ever, can we accept responsibility for fabric no matter what the issue is, once it has been cut.  We suggest that if the fabric is being made up by you or a third party, you/they should check the reference, colour and design of the fabric received before it is cut.

With wallpaper orders, please also check that all rolls are from the same batch, and check the installation after no more than three drops have been hung.  No claims will be accepted for drops hung beyond this point.

Minimum orders:

⦁ Schumacher fabrics and trims - 2 metre minimum (or a cutting surcharge will be incurred for orders between 1 and 2 metres)

⦁ Schumacher wallpapers - Some are sold per yard, some per roll.  Roll sizes and minimums vary between products - please enquire for further information.

⦁ Jason D'Souza - 2 metre minimum

⦁ Fortuny - 2 metre minimum.  Many prints are also sold by the pattern repeat.

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